Dear Author, Why pay to have your book (or magazine etc) made by us?

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Well, not only do we receive a lot of positive response to the quality of work we have produced for authors, I think the single most important thing to consider as an author is the value for your money.

We are not publishers, nor are we a self-publishing company, that means we take 0% of your book sales.

You are not just paying for our professional services to design and put together your book page by page; we manually check through every page of your book and should you choose the option of an electronic version, we test your e-book on various devices such as; mobile, tablet, laptop and PC/ Mac to ensure it works and reads seamlessly. You also get the copyrights to anything that we produce for you. That means, not only do you retain full ownership of your own work but you also gain the rights to the final finished product(s) that we create as your book. A bespoke book cover design is included in the fee and we also offer 3 full rounds of revisions at no extra cost, to ensure you are 100% happy with the final outcome.

Your book cover design will be inspired by your synopsis and we will discuss concepts with you based on what we have read. Although most authors tend to have a clear idea of what they would like for the cover of their book – no one knows a book better than the author so we are happy to bring your ideas to life!

As mentioned earlier, while we do check through each page of your book, we are designers, not proof-readers, therefore we are not responsible for any potential mistakes that may be present in your manuscript but we will point out any typographical errors that we may come across and make any requested corrections free of charge. We do not edit your work unless you instruct us to.

Unlike publishing companies who will own your work and pay a very low percentage of royalties, we believe authors should receive the majority of money from the sales of their own hard work while maintaining their full copyright. This is our way of helping to make that happen, by getting your book designed to a high professional standard, ready to stand out on bookshelves and online stores for a one-off fee. We did not write your book so why should we make a penny from your sales?

However, if you would be kind enough, we would love to be included in the credits of your book or magazine as part of the agreement.

Finally, if you are looking to approach a publishing company, there is nothing more enticing for a publisher than to be presented with a professionally designed book (or magazine) as a finished product, rather than the hundreds of manuscripts they receive on a daily basis.