1 Aug 2017

London Logo Design for T-Shirts

London logo design is one of the most popular logo designs I have created. Funny enough, it wasn’t necessarily intended to be a logo or form part of a brand. It is a design I did for a bit of fun many years ago: if I recall correctly, it was after I had graduated, struggling […]

27 Jun 2017

Dear Author, Why pay to have your book (or magazine etc) made by us?

Well, not only do we receive a lot of positive response to the quality of work we have produced for authors, I think the single most important thing to consider as an author is the value for your money. We are not publishers, nor are we a self-publishing company, that means we take 0% of […]

22 Feb 2014

Being a Self-Employed Designer

It is hard being a self-employed, freelance graphic designer, having to be fully reliant on yourself to do the countless things that come with the ‘status’, to enable you to even be able to earn a living (i’ll save these details for another blog post!). It is non-stop, demanding and can feel quite solitarily at […]

21 Feb 2014

My Design Process

A quick 7 step breakdown of the basic process I use when approaching a design brief:   Research Brainstorm & Moodboard Plan/Design Ideas Quick Sketches (Layout, Composition etc.) Initial Designs Further Development Final Design Outcome {Key – BLUE TEXT = Working on iMac using design application(s)}   Although more often than not these are the basic steps I […]