GraphiCarlDesign intro | Motion Graphics

GraphiCarlDesign Motion Graphics Intro We thought it was about time we created a simple intro of our branding, which will be played at the start of every video, motion graphics, animation or any other type of moving imagery that we produce.

Araeya Ecologica

Araeya Ecologica logo was designed for a new overseas company brand selling natural and alternative baby products. The client requested the incorporation of the Flower of Life geometric pattern, as they had envisioned an idea for their brand prior to the chosen final logo design above: “It was even better than I had visioned and … Read More

London Knows logo design

I was approached by ‘London Knows’ to design a logo for their new sports fitness centre. They were inspired by my ‘London Logo Design for T-Shirts‘ and requested their own version to be designed, with a more defined and updated silhouette of London’s skyline, to use for their company’s brand. ‘Knows’ was desired to be in a free flowing/ ‘freestyle’ handwritten font, … Read More

Bad Good Musical Instrument Techniques logo design

I was hired to design a logo for a client’s series of musical instrument technique books. Using illustrations and short descriptions, these books display incorrect (Bad) techniques to play an instrument, followed directly by the correct (Good) technique. In addition, the Bad and Good techniques are colour coded red and green respectively. All of these key points were taken … Read More

Logo for Online Games Website

My client had a design style in mind, which he wanted me to execute for his logo. It emulates the old school / retro, with a 3-Dimensional touch, whilst also having a more modern contrast.

Oven Bright

[slideshow] [/slideshow] ‘Stamp’ logo for oven cleaning company: For this brief, my client requested a subtle ‘stamp like’ effect for a logo for his oven cleaning business. After discussing the kind of ‘stamp style’ he was after, I came up with a few ideas to which he opted for the third (number 3) logo option … Read More

OnSiteNow Website Design Company Logo

I was set a brief to update and redesign a web designer’s company logo. I was required to stick to their flat design style and colour scheme. It was also important to incorporate their current logo symbol and make it work more effectively with the overall design. Their symbol consisted of basic outlines of three … Read More

Mr Bag & Tag logo design

Logo designed for MMA Fighter Mr Bag and Tag. Mr Bag and Tag was focused on an idea of a body bag as his logo, but after discussions, we soon realised that it would not work very well visually for a logo design. So I decided to lend my attention to his name and what … Read More